Copperpenny   st sweet plum front


Copperpenny - Sittin' on a Poor Man's Throne

Format: LP
Label: Sweet Plum SPLP-951
Year: 1973
Origin: Kitchener, Ontario
Genre: rock, blues
Value of Original Title: $125.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ontario, MOCM Top 1000 Canadian Singles, 1970's, Rock Room, Toronto Sound


Side 1

Track Name
Sitting On A Poor Man's Throne
Taking My Heart
Where Is The Answer
Thinking Of You

Side 2

Track Name
You're Still The One
Boogie Woogie
Get Away
Bad Manners
Wine Song


Copperpenny   st sweet plum back

Copperpenny - Sittin' on a Poor Man's Throne

Copperpenny   st sweet plum front

Sittin' on a Poor Man's Throne


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Rich Wamil: lead vocals, keyboards
Kenny Hollis: lead vocals,
Bill Mononen: lead vocals, guitar
Blake Barrett: drums
Ron Hiller: bass

Thelma Hopkins, Joyce Vincent, Dawn & Pam Vincent: background vocals
Barrett Strong: clarinet
Jack Brokensha: percussion

Arranged by David Van de Pitte
Chief Engineer: Richard Becker
Assistant Engineer: Big Jim
Recorded and Mixed at PAC 3 Studios, Dearborn, Michigan.
Produced by Harry Hinde

Photography: Mike Foster
Jacket Design: Carole Risch

Special Thanks to Dick Wending for keeping the group together for the past seven years; the Van de Pittes for a home away from home.


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