Cockburn, Bruce - Stealing Fire

Format: LP
Label: Columbia, High Romance Music, True North TN 0057
Year: 1984
Origin: Ottawa, Ontario, 🇨🇦
Genre: rock
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Release Type: Albums
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Side 1

Track Name
Lovers in a Dangerous Time
Maybe the Poet
Sahara Gold
Making Contact
Peggy's Kitchen Wall

Side 2

Track Name
To Raise the Morning Star
If I Had a Rocket Launcher
Dust and Diesel


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Cockburn, Bruce / Stealing Fire

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Cockburn, Bruce / Stealing Fire

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Cockburn, Bruce / Stealing Fire


Stealing Fire


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With 1984’s Stealing Fire, Bruce Cockburn’s words and music took a greater urgency than ever before. The previous year, he made his first trip to Central America on behalf of the international development group OXFAM. While in southern Mexico, he visited a refugee camp that had recently been attacked by the helicopters of the U.S.-backed Guatemalan army.

The horrific experience sparked the anger-filled “If I Had A Rocket Launcher”, a song which brought him unprecedented attention – garnering heavy radio airplay and regular video rotation on MTV.

Stealing Fire is full of many of Cockburn’s most powerful political songs, yet it boasts some of his most romantic numbers as well. From “Lovers in a Dangerous Time” to “Making Contact” whether issuing calls to action or cries for help. Bruce Cockburn’s poetry demands affection.

Upon its release Stealing Fire immediately staked a claim as one of the most compelling albums by singer-songwriter in the 1980s. Nearly twenty years later, the album’s impact is undiminished.

Album Info:

the musicians are:
bruce cockburn – guitar and voice
jon goldsmith – keyboards
fergus marsh – bass and stick
miche pouliot – drums
chi sharpe – percussion

words and music by bruce cockburn
except on “maybe the poet” words by bruce cockburn,
music by bruce cockburn, kerry crawford, jon goldsmith, and fergus marsh, and “to raise the morning star”, words by bruce cockburn, music by bruce cockburn and fergus marsh

published by golden mountain music corp. (BMI)
© 1984 golden mountain music corp.

recorded at manta sound, toronto, march-april 1984
engineer: john naslen
assisted by: ron searles
mastering by: mike reese, mastering lab, los angeles
produced by: jon goldsmith and kerry crawford
for true north productions
art direction: bart schoales
cover painting: blair drawson
photography: george whiteside

the finkelstein management company limited.
98 queens street east, suite 201,
toronto, ontario, m5c 1s6, (416) 364-6040

This album was re-released on vinyl, 2 November 2010, through True North Records.
* bonus tracks on the remastered 2003 reissue


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