Clompin' Clod - The Saga of Stompin' Tom's Foot or What in Hell's a Stompin' Board

Format: LP
Label: Doncaster DS 121
Year: 1973
Origin: Bible Hill, Nova Scotia
Genre: country
Keyword:  Hockey, Stompin Tom Connors
Value of Original Title: $65.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ontario, 1970's, Canadiana, Country & Western, Hockey Room


Track Name
What in the Hell's a Stompin' Board
The Old Atlantic Shore
The Consumer
Horseshoe Hotel Song
Hockey Song
Bus Tour to Nashville
Big Joe Mufferaw
Luke's Guitar
Bug Song
Moon Man Newfie
Saga of Stompin' Tom's Foot



Clompin Clod - The Saga of Stompin' Tom's Foot or What in Hell's a Stompin' Board


The Saga of Stompin' Tom's Foot or What in Hell's a Stompin' Board


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You have no idea how happy I am to have found this one. I've never heard of Clompin' Clod. I can't really find any clear details on who Clompin' Clod is/was. However, this album is a wicked treat for fans of Stompin' Tom Connors. This is a loving (albeit tongue-in-cheek) tribute to Mr. Connors, who is a bona fide Canadian institution. This LP comprises 10 covers of Connors songs, and two originals (both of which I'll gladly feature here).

Saga of Stompin' Tom's Foot is a great instrumental with some Tom-styled stomping (no doubt, on a sweet sheet of plywood). What In the Hell's A Stompin' Board gives us a little more insight into Clod, as he sings along in a traditional Connors style. It's hilarious, and he name-drops a handful of Connor songs (Tilsonburg, Sudbury Saturday Night, etc). Another treat is the liner notes, written by Louis St. Jean (CWCM Publisher). It finishes off with "I went to see him perform, and I'll have to admit, I would go back and see him again. I enjoyed his...act. If you get a chance, I would advise you to see him, because he wouldn't dare perform in the same place twice."

This is a fabulous record. I am willing to bet you won't find a copy of this slab of 1973 vinyl anywhere.
-Kevin McGowan


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