Chalawa capture land front


Chalawa - Capture Land

Format: LP
Label: World Record Corp. WRC1-556, Green-Weenie GWLPS 2002
Year: 1978
Origin: Toronto, Ontario
Genre: reggae, roots
Value of Original Title: $250.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ontario, 1970's, Beautiful Black Canadians, The Ultimate Jamaica to Ontario Collection, Reggae, Caribbean and African


Side 1

Track Name
Jah Collie Weed
Capture Land
If You Drop That Cross
Eyes of a Lion

Side 2

Track Name
What Kind of World
Jah Jah Revolution
Help Wanted
Rich Inna Jah Jah Love


Chalawa capture land back

Chalawa-Capture Land BACK

Chalawa capture land label 01

Chalawa-Capture Land LABEL 01

Chalawa capture land label 02

Chalawa-Capture Land LABEL 02

Chalawa capture land front

Capture Land


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John Forbes: piano, organ, synthesizer, vibes
Alex King: bass, guitar, piano, melodica, percussion
Tony Creary: drums, percussion
Leroy Sibbles: bass
Mike Balm: trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone
Ed Zankowsky: tenor, soprano, sax
Stranger Cole: vocals, percussion
Johnny Osbourne: vocals, percussion
Collie Smith: vocals
Sandi Callender: vocals
Merri Callender: vocals

Produced by Alex King and John Forbes for G.W. Productions
Engineered by John Forbes at Kirck Sound and Sound Canada
Arranged by Alex King
Mastered by Cub


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