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Cargo - Front Side, Back Side

Format: LP
Label: Trend T-1006
Year: 1969
Origin: Toronto, Ontario
Genre: rock, folk, psych
Value of Original Title: $950.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Side 1

Track Name
Black Window
Talk With Us
Child of the Playroom

Side 2

Track Name
Habits and Jails
Only My Best Friends Can Tell
Say Goodbye



Cargo -/ Front Side, Back Side

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Cargo front side back side

Front Side, Back Side


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Dreamy, jazzy psych rock that's not particularly known by collectors. It has a spaced out feel that shoul appeal to some.... The drumming is heavy on atmospheric cymbals, the songs are mostly at slow tempos and the vocals are heavily reverbed...Has a nice feel and a few good moments...
-Aaron Milenski, Acid Archives

For some reason there is a bunch of obscure Canadian Lps with a similar sound, a late-night jazzy psychrock mood like the loungier side of Doors, usually with keyboards upfront and understated guitar picking. This is a typical expression of that sound, with flute instead of organ, moody yet expressive vocals, and long tracks that seem to find their path as they go along.

Recorded live in parts or wholly, which adds to the organic basement feel - one track actually has lounge ambience with people chatting and ordering drinks louder than the music! Songwriting isn't elaborate, yet the persistent mood and refusal to compromise makes for a memorable experience, with a couple of snakey instrumental excursions developing into hypnotic 3 AM Canadian rye hallucinations.

Comparable to Papa Bear's, while south of the border Ant Trip Ceremony and Feather da Gamba spring to mind.
-Patrick Lundborg, Acid Archives

tracks and credits: Black Window (Oxley, Proudfoot. G. Creighton on bassoon. Guitar dialogue by B. Oxley)/ Talk With Us (Oxley, Proudfoot, Vagan, Foster)/ Child of the Playroom (Foster)"The most deadly of all possible sins is the crushing of a child's spirit". Flute by F. Nakashima (Friend). M Proudfoot on electric piano // Dubious (Oxley, Proudfoot) Electric piano on M. Proudfoot. "We;ve been laughing but nobody's been playing"/ Alisa (Oxley, Proudfoot). Friend Frank Nakashima on flute. M. Proudfoot on baritone sax. N. Foster on bongos. G. Vagan on clave riff/ Habits and Jails (Foster). Electric piano attacked by M. Proudfoot/ Only My Best Friends Can Tell (Foster). Guitar-N. Foster/ Say Goodbye (Foster). Hands and voices by people we like. (People-Greg, Les, Ronnie, Cathy, Carol, Kathryn, Gabe).

Bruce Oxley: lead guitar
Mike Proudfoot: guitar, piano
Garth Vagan: bass
Norm Foster: drums and percussion

Recorded at Trend Records of Canada, RR No. 1, West Hill, Ontario
Produced, edited and re-recorded by Merv Buchanan and Bill S. Studio Equipment by Traynor
Wardrobe and make-up by Cargo
Cover by Roy Nakashima

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