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Cannan, Dwayne - Spare Change

Format: LP
Label: private
Year: 1980
Origin: Edmonton, Alberta
Genre: folk, blues
Value of Original Title: $175.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Alberta, 1980's, Folk


Side 1

Track Name
The Gutter Man
Spare Change
Bad Woman

Side 2

Track Name
Evil in Her Eyes
Eyedrops for Ernie
The Drifter
Cocaine Katie
Slippin' Away
One Forty Eight


Dwayne cannan spare change label 02

Dwayne Cannan-Spare Change LABEL 02

Dwayne cannan spare change label 01

Dwayne Cannan-Spare Change LABEL 01

Dwayne cannan spare change back

Dwayne Cannan-Spare Change BACK

Dwayne cannan spare change front

Spare Change


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Dwayne Cannan, from Edmonton, Alberta, released the privately pressed self-penned folk album "Spare Change" in 1980, an album about street life. All 10 original compositions were written, played, and sung by Dwayne Cannan. The Engineer was Gordon Kuhl. The photos were taken by Bill Missen. 300 copies were pressed.

Dwayne went on to play with The Delivery Boys and released a CD "All These Years" in 2006. Dwayne is currently working on a new album of 12 original tunes and is also working on re-releasing the "Spare Change" album.


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