Canadian communist league neither the maple leaf nor the fleurdelise


Canadian Communists - Neither the Maple Leaf Nor the Fleurdelise

Format: LP
Label: May First Distribution DPM-010579
Genre: folk
Keyword:  politics, Communist Party of Canada, Communism, Marxiste-Lenniniste
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Side 1

Track Name
Chantons l'unité!
Jim McLachlan Song
Land of Opportunity
Le travail en régime capitaliste
les suicidés du Cap Breton

Side 2

Track Name
Quand vient le temps des élections
La lettre au rédacteur en chef
A l'oUvrage camarades!
Our comrades from Iran
Maple Leaf Rock
Sing of Unity!



Canadian Communist League - Neither the Maple Leaf Nor the Fleurdelise

Canadian communist league neither the maple leaf nor the fleurdelise

Neither the Maple Leaf Nor the Fleurdelise


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Liner Notes:
Neither the Maple Leaf Nor the Fleurdelisé! Why Not? Because those are the rotten emblems of two cliques of the bourgeoisie in Canada who fight each other when their power , their profits or their markets are at stake, but who unite very quickly when it's time to put the burden of the crisis on the people's back and break down the resistance of the masses.

No, if Levesque wants the Quebec workers to defend Quebec and it's Fleurdelisé it's certainly not because exploitation is gentler in french but rather because he has his own little plan to build up a french brand of exploiters in Quebec. Trudeau, on the other hand, plays the same old game but on a bigger chess-board. There is no question of losing his share of the profits and markets. "So, big or small, cling to the Maple Leaf! The unity of Canada must be saved!"

Workers of English Canada, you have no interest in following Trudeau against the workers of Quebec. Neither do Quebec workes have any interest in backing up Levesque's project. Canadian workers and labouring masses - irrespective of their nationality - have to face the same deterioration of their living conditions, the same cutbacks, the same attacks on their rights, the same repression...

Yes, workers in Canada all have the same enemy: the canadian bourgeoisie - either francophone or anglophone: and their interest as much as their strength lies in their unity! Not the "canadian unity" as describe by Trudeau and company, but the unbreakable unity of the proletariat from one sea to the other.

The songs on this record have been brought together in order to demonstrate that there is only one true solution left for the people of this country: to take up the Program of the working class. You will hear songs that speak of the life, the sufferings, the struggles and the victories of the people, men and women, of this land. Songs are sung in english and french because they come from all parts of the country: songs that convey the same ideal: the struggle to put an end to the exploitation and misery of capitalism.


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