Big sugar brothers

Big Sugar - Brothers & Sisters, Are You Ready?

Format: CD
Label: Universal 4400140292
Year: 2001
Origin: Toronto, Ontario
Genre: rock, blues
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Release Type: Albums


Track Name
Red Rover
Nashville Grass
She Left Ashes
Nicotina (She's All That
So Not Over
Bump on the Head
Lost and Found
Bad Old Days
We Could Live
Pretty Bird
All Hell for a Basement
O Canada


Big sugar brothers

Brothers & Sisters, Are You Ready?


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Having benefited both from Gordie Johnson's tinkerings with dub side project Alkaline and the acquisition of additional riddim guitarist Mojah, Big Sugar veers into a distinctly more esoteric direction on this, their fifth outing. As with 1998's Heated, Brothers and Sisters, Are You Ready? is loaded with a batch of dependable high-octane rock crunchers (particularly album opener "Red Rover," lead single "Nicotina," and "All Hell for a Basement") and some passable exercises in rock-dub fusion (both "Nashville Grass" and the chirruping "Pretty Bird" coast along on reggae-informed guitar lines). Unfortunately, it's not always enough to disguise Johnson's obvious creative lull; too many of the songs plod along aimlessly for this to rank among the band's finer moments. A consolation note: the inclusion of an amped-up "O Canada" and the coinciding release of Brothers and Sisters Êtes Vous Ready? (which marks the first time an English-speaking Canadian band has ever simultaneously released an album in English and French) will forever ensure that Big Sugar has a spot in the annals of Canadian music history.


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