Bey  salome   dude %28ost galt macdermot%29 front


Bey, Salome - Dude (OST Galt MacDermot)

Format: LP
Label: Kilmarnock KIL 72003
Year: 1972
Origin: Newark, New Jersey, USA - Toronto, Ontario
Genre: funk, soul, Soundtrack
Value of Original Title: $50.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Canadian as Funk, 1970's, Beautiful Black Canadians, Soundtracks and Musicals, Bellwether Lassies


Side 1

Track Name
I Know Your Name
A Garden For Two
Boo Boo
No One
I Never Knew
Say What You Want To Say

Side 2

Track Name
Happy Song
Only A Few More Years
Jazz Bridge
Sweet Dreams Blossom
Baby Breath
At Home


Bey  salome   dude %28ost galt macdermot%29 front

Dude (OST Galt MacDermot)


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A new show written by Gerome Ragni with music by Galt MacDermot (they also did "Hair") is scheduled to open in New York in September 1972. It is the story of a young man's run-in with evil, what it does to him, and how he handles it. This record of Salome Bey singing twelve of the songs from Dude is being released ahead of the original cast album because we love her interpretations -- and time waits for no man.


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