Benzene jag   fuck off 1984 bw love recession


Benzene Jag - Fuck Off 1984 b/w Love Recession

Format: 7"
Label: Star Records SRS 002
Year: 1983
Origin: Hamilton, Ontario, 🇨🇦
Genre: rock
Value of Original Title: $10.00
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Release Type: Singles
Playlist: Ontario, Rock Room, Bob Bryden, 1980's


Side 1

Track Name
Fuck Off 1984

Side 2

Track Name
Love Recession


Benzene jag   fuck off 1984 bw love recession

Fuck Off 1984 b/w Love Recession


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In the autumn of 1983, the fifth line-up of our band Benzene Jag entered Grant Avenue Studios in Hamilton, Ontario for the second time. (A year prior another line-up had recorded four demos there). We recorded seven songs in '83 and almost immediately released two on a Star Records 45: 'Fuck Off 1984' b/w 'Love Recession'. We received significant underground radio airplay - CFNY in Brampton even played it. The original plan was to release an EP but this somehow never came to pass. This marks the first official release of the 'Catch a Yes Horse' EP as it was intended to be in 1984. The remaining tracks are VERY lo-fi. They were originally intended as reference recordings only and were recorded on cassette via a ghetto blaster placed randomly in our practice space at Bull's Gym on John Street in Hamilton. While the sound leaves a LOT to be desired, 'the song's the thing' and I believe these tapes demonstrate just how far our songwriting had evolved as well as the playing of the rhythm section of Blair/Jones and Fisher. Not to mention the sizzling lead guitar work of Rick Crowley. I hope you'll 'hear through' the bad sound and take note of the aforementioned! There are even two live tracks recorded (also to ghetto blaster) at Fryfogel's bar in London, Ontario. Check out the bonus section for photos and other material from the band's archives.

Bob Bryden (Reign Ghost, Spirit of Christmas): vocals, lead guitar
Rob Fisher: guitar, vocals
Ken Blair: bass
Dave Jones aka Michael Allen Guild: drums

Produced by Keith Whiting
Engineered by Greg Roberts
Recorded at Grant Avenue Studio


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