Emile benoi   emile's dream front shrink


Benoit, Emile - Emile's Dream

Format: LP
Label: Pigeon Inlet PIP 732, Quay CS 7932
Year: 1979
Origin: Black Duck Brook, Port au Port Peninsula, Newfoundland
Genre: traditional, fiddle
Value of Original Title: $60.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  https://kellyrussell.bandcamp.com/album/emiles-dream
Playlist: 1970's, Newfoundland Labrador, Celtic traditional, MOCM Top 1000 Canadian Albums


Side 1

Track Name
Diane's Happiness - David's Reel
Arriving To St. John's - Emile's Dream
Ryan's Fancy Arriving
Reels: Comfort; Washroom; Joe Smallwood's
Clode Sound Jig
Roaming Scott
Piccadilly Slant: West Bay Centre; Making the Curve to Black Duck Brook; Brother's Jig

Side 2

Track Name
Happiness Reel - Lovers Reel
Jigs: Le Sabot; Gravel Pond
Skeleton Reel - Flying Reel
Lightkeeper's Jig - Long Point Reel
Michael T. Wall Breakdown
Emile's Reel
Farewell Reel


Emile benoi   emile's dream back shrink

Emile Benoi - Emile's Dream BACK SHRINK

Emile benoi   emile's dream label 01

Emile Benoi - Emile's Dream LABEL 01

Emile benoi   emile's dream label 02

Emile Benoi - Emile's Dream LABEL 02

Pip4 732 insert 1 out

Benoit, Emile - Emile's Dream

Emile benoi   emile's dream front shrink

Emile's Dream


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Emile Benoit was, perhaps, Newfoundland's best known fiddle player whose unique combination of distinctive style and uncommon gift for composition made him one of the best traditional musicians of his time. Emile Benoit was born, raised and died in Black Brook, on the Port-Au-Port peninsula on the West Coast of Newfoundland. The area has been populated by Bretons and Acadians from the 1820's on and is still mainly French speaking. The surrounding area is strongly colored by Scottish tradition, the influence of which is to produce a curious and fascinating mix in Emile's essentially French music. Emile Benoit has been a myriad of people in his lifetime, among them father to thirteen children, fisherman, farmer, carpenter, healer, dentist, part-time veterinarian, blacksmith, storyteller raconteur, musician and composer. He began fiddle playing at the age of nine and throughout the years his composition and skill saw him develop into an eclectic and impressive musician. Benoit was particularly fascinating performer who loved nothing better than to entertain an audience; clowning around, waltzing with his fiddle, lying on his back while playing and dancing and singing at the top of his lungs. His "joie de vivre" was infectious and he was dearly loved by all that knew him. Late in life Emile Benoit began his recording career. He made three albums, including "Vive la Rose", his last, in 1992. Emile recording brought him to numerous folk festivals both in Newfoundland and across Canada, the US and Europe. He has been the subject of numerous scholarly books and articles and has been featured extensively on radio (both in French and English). Emile held an honorary Doctorate at Memorial University and in May 1992, the Newfoundland Arts Council conferred its prestigious Lifetime Achievement award upon Emile, in recognition of his full and rich career.

Emile Benoit died in September 1992; just days after he cracked the wrapper on his last CD, "Vive la Rose". Emile's influence was as wide and diverse as his skill and performance, and can be heard whenever traditional Newfoundland music is played.

Emile Benoit: fiddle, vocals
Ron Hynes: acoustic guitar
Kelly Russell: mandolin, bodhrán, fiddle

Produced and arranged by Kelly Russell
Recorded at Clode Sound Studios by Claude Caines and Neil Bishop

The listener wishing to hear more fiddle and less accompaniment may turn the stereo balance to the right.


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