Cd david bacha band   no sleep until after stonehenge front


Bacha, David Band - No Sleep Until After Stonehenge

Format: CD
Label: Ozit CD0041
Year: 1998
Origin: Cleveland, Ohio, USA - Toronto, Ontario
Genre: rock
Value of Original Title: $40.00
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Release Type: Albums
Playlist: Ontario, Rock Room, 1990's


Track Name
The Thrill has Gone
Hard Times in the Land of Plenty
Jesus Just Left Chicago
On the Dark Side
M25 Orbital Blues
Open Up (Let Me In)
Seeds and Stems
I'm Going Home
Nine to Nine
Follow Your Heart
Don't Fear the Reaper
The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway


Cd david bacha band   no sleep until after stonehenge jewel back

CD-David Bacha Band - No Sleep Until After Stonehenge JEWEL BACK

Cd david bacha band   no sleep until after stonehenge cd

CD-David Bacha Band - No Sleep Until After Stonehenge CD

Cd david bacha band   no sleep until after stonehenge front

No Sleep Until After Stonehenge


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David Bacha is a singer/songwriter and guitarist, who was born in Cleveland, Ohio, USA (widely regarded as the spiritual birthplace of rock'n'roll, as famed disc jockey Alan Freed came to fame while broadcasting for a Cleveland radio station), and of late has been based in Toronto, Canada.

David Bacha grew up "across the block" from Joe Walsh who always had a bigger and better amplifier than Bacha, who, as a young man, jammed with the likes of Walsh, Eric Carmen (later of The Raspberries) and Bob Seger, whose band he at one point joined.

Among the supporting musicians on this album are Wally Cameron, formerly of noted Canadian group Deja vu, for whom Bacha wrote two hit songs, and guitarist Gino Scarpelli of Canadian rockers Goddo. Past members of the David Bacha Band include drummer Skip Prokop (of the respected Canadian group, Lighthouse, and also a one-time member of Janis Joplin's band), and blind guitar prodigy Jeff Healey, who worked in Bacha's band before achieving stardom.

Often known as 'Mr. Jack Daniels' due to the numerous lyrical references in his songs to this popular hooch, Bacha has received many complimentary reviews both in the Canadian press: "A prophet without honour in two countries, a Cleveland-born Toronto rocker, his writing is infused with a poet's ear for imagery and a novelist's ability to spin a tale" (Toronto Rock magazine). "Bacha's lyrics have a substantial amount of honesty in them - I like the slower songs better as there's more time to absorb some of his insights, some of which you may find helpful if you are all confused about life right now" (Tonite Magazine), and in more unlikely publications, "The music is blueprint American rock'n'roll, though with an attractive lack of finesse and a commendable disdain for MTV values." (Feedback - the rock magazine for members of Mensa).

The David Bacha Band has performed live in Europe (including the UK) for the first time playing a 21 date tour during November and December, 1997.


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