Ardels - Piece of Jewellery b/w Run Hully Gully Boy

Format: 45
Label: Can-cut 8963X
Year: 1965
Origin: Toronto, Ontario
Genre: garage
Value of Original Title: $200.00
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Release Type: Singles
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ontario, The Garage, 1960's


Side 1

Track Name
Piece of Jewellery

Side 2

Track Name
Run Hully Gully Boy



Piece of Jewellery b/w Run Hully Gully Boy


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The Ardels (and not The Ardells from Pennsylvania ) formed in Etobicoke, Ontario 1n 1963 and, after a series of personnel changes which saw Bruce Saracini, the original singer, replaced by Doug Dixon and Robin Scott replaced by Jim Pernokis on guitar, quickly became one of Toronto's most popular young cover bands, playing extensively at high school and church dances. The original five (Brennan, Burt, Dixon, Masson and Pernokis) were joined by McKay on Tenor Saxophone in 1964.

Masson left the group in 1965 to pursue a career in broadcasting and was replaced by Charlesworth on bass. They released an independent album in 1965 followed by a single on Hallmark and subsequently signed with Cancut Records in 1966 to produce several regional hit singles. Burt left in 1967 leaving an unreleased single in the vaults called "Stronger Than Dirt" b/w "I Should Have Known". The Ardels disbanded in 1968.

Pernokis and Dixon went on to become part of The Bedtime Story; Dixon, Masson and Pernokis reformed with backup drummer Russ Crerar as Pastime in the early 90's carrying on until Crerar and Masson retired. However, Dixon and Pernokis are still going strong with new members; In the 70's Burt studied composition/arranging with the renowned teacher, Gordon Delamont. In 1976 he opened his home studio in Etobicoke and is still teaching contemporary piano, orchestration and arranging. Burt has played solo piano in most major Toronto hotels over the past 30 years, including the Four Seasons and Downtown Sheraton Centre. He is currently writing a music text book on the Basic Theory and Psychology of Chord Progressions (Major and Minor).

In 2006 Dixon announced that an Ardels reunion is planned for the end of July 2007. Brennan, Charlesworth, Burt, Pernokis and Dixon are expected to be part of the reunion.

Gary Brennan: drums
David Burt: piano
Bob McKay: saxophone
Fred Masson: bass
Bruce Saracini: vocals
Robin Scott: guitar
Roger Charlesworth: bass; replaced Masson
Doug Dixon: vocals; replaced Saracini
Jim Pernokis: guitar; replaced Scott

with notes from Fred Masson, David Burt and Doug Dixon.


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