Amish front re


Amish - ST

Format: LP
Label: Sussex SXBS 7016
Year: 1972
Origin: Galt, Ontario
Genre: rock hard
Value of Original Title: $150.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ontario, 1970's, Rock Room


Side 1

Track Name
Sad Girl
Black Lace Woman
Wise Man
Help Me

Side 2

Track Name
I Don't Need Nobody
Dear Mr. Fantasy
The Sea
Down the Road


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Amish - ST

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Amish - ST

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Amish - ST

Amish front re



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Formed in 1970, Galt, Ontario Formed in 1970 from the remnants of the R&B cover band FJ And The Impressions, which included bassist Mike Gingrich and organ player Ron Baumtrog.

Amish started out playing cover versions of McKenna-Mendelson Mainline, The Modern Rock Quartet, The Doors and James Gang songs.

The band’s manager, Bill Gefross, brought them to the attention of U.S. label Sussex Records where Motown producer Dennis Coffey and Mike Theodore, both staff producers for Sussex, took the band into GM Studios in East Detroit to record. Guitarist Botts was a draft dodger from the Vietnam War and couldn’t return to the United States to record so session guitarist Joe Gutz performed on the album instead.

Their self-titled debut was distributed through Buddah Records in 1972. The album contains a remake of Traffic’s “Dear Mr. Fantasy”. The original song “Down The Road” was intended as a 7″ release with the non-LP track “Upon My Leavin’”, but the label never issued it.

After the album's release, and a possible U.S. tour, Amish merged with another Preston-Galt area band called Oasis and guitarist Bob Norris replaced Botts while drummer Kim Neil replaced Byrne.

Following the recording of a second album, but not released, Baumtrog left and Gery Mertz was brought in on keyboards. The band carried on for a couple of years, even as a 4-piece after the departure of Mertz.

Baumtrog is the Health & Safety Co-ordinator for Metokote Canada in Cambridge, Ontario; Mike Gingrich would play with Nightwinds in the late 1970s, Klaatu’s touring bassist from November 1981 until August 1982, The Headpins in 1983 and Holly Woods And Toronto in 1984; Doug Stagg passed away in 1999.

Ron Baumtrog: keyboards
Doug Stagg: vocals
Richard Botts: guitar
Mike Gingrich: bass
Jack Byrne: drums
Bob Norris: guitar (replaced Botts)
Kim Neil: drums (replaced Byrne)
Gery Mertz: keyboards (replaced Baumtrog)


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