The lords squared for mocm


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Origin: Edmonton, Alberta, 🇨🇦

Edmonton, Alberta's The Lords were originally called The A & W Lords. They recorded three singles for Pace Records and were often the backing band for soul singer Mary Saxton. Members of The Lords were also part of the studio act Rising Sun which was comprised of Mary Saxton, Barry Allen, and members of Southern Freeway.

Members of the Lords later ended up in the band Privilege with Barry Allen

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I remember it, too, even though I was just a little guy. My dad and my uncle used to pile us kids into the car and take us down to the Highlands A & W on 112th Avenue near today’s Wayne Gretzky Drive.

We’d watch the A & W Lords, fronted by Mel Degan, play on the roof of the restaurant while teenagers danced in the parking lot. The band changed their name to the Privilege in 1966 and became one of Alberta’s hottest bands of the time.

Dan Hanson
Ken Johnson
Mel Degen
Harry Krawchuk
Andy Krawchuck



The lords mary saxton promo sheet

The Lords mary saxton promo sheet

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the lords 002

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the lords 003

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the lords 004

The lords squared for mocm



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