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Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia

Larissa Loyva is a busy woman. In addition to her solo project, Kellarissa (which literally translates to "in the basement"), we've heard her soaring vocals on noteworthy previous releases from P:ano, The Choir Practice and Gigi. This March, she will be traveling North America as part of Destroyer's touring band and preparing to release her sophomore Mint Records album, Moon of Neptune. She'll probably be sipping some delicious cocktails too. That said, we're excited! Moon of Neptune is a synth nerd's dream, inspired by ancient Egypt, breakups, her Scandinavian heritage and outer space. It will be available on glossy black vinyl (only 500 copies) and digitally from your friends at Mint Records on March 29th, 2011.

Her critically lauded Mint Records debut Flamingo came out on September 9th, 2008. The record is a stunning kaleidoscope of Kellarissa's haunting vocals, her prized Candied Yam(aha SK15) synthesizer, bits of coloured glass and other surprises.

"Loyva’s creative scope, as well as the beauty of her voice, marks her as an artist to watch." - Rachel Sanders, Exclaim



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