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Origin: Montréal, Québec

Iko were a minimal wave outfit from Canada, and although much of their work is praised by the synth freaks, it's the present 83 which has been causing a stir since its first release on Manhattan-Formula back in 1982. Nine tracks of spectral minimalism and industrial explorations here; it's all very singular, but the killers have to be "Elevator" for its utterly gnarly arrangement, "Jungle City" because it's simply out-there and way ahead of its time, and "Radioactive Mist" for that bassline.

IKO has always been shrouded in mystery. All 3 members come from an academic background (electroacoustic composition, etc), and they met at the University of Montreal in the music department. Taking from their collective influences of 60’s pop, prog and minimalist composers as well as early industrial, they played in a few early bands before solidifying the all-synth incarnation of IKO in it’s definitive lineup. Other than Rational Youth, the Montreal synth scene was small, and the band broke up not too long after the release of their only album.



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