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I, Braineater

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Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia

I Braineater was an obscure punk musical creation that appeared in the late '70s in Vancouver, Canada; first performing just as Braineater, then later as I Braineater. It seems the inventor behind this handiwork was Jim Cummins, who might have been just another creation. I Braineater released a self-titled debut EP in 1979, and a second short offering, Planet X, a year later. A number of two-sided singles followed through the '80s. Two albums were completed in that decade, I, Here -- Where You! and Artist Poet Thief.

Music by I Braineater also found its way onto albums that held a combination of songs from the period, as well as onto a soundtrack. Some of the tunes recorded by Braineater are "Fun Time," "Terminal City Ricochet," "Hyde Park," "Modern Man," and "Last Date."



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