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Huron, Peter & Joe

Origin: Arnprior, Ontario

Joe Huron has been a quiet force on the Canadian jazz scene for well over 25 years. Mr. Huron’s distinct voice on the guitar reflects a calm introspection behind a curtain of strong melodic play. Delivering warm tones; he expresses all that is true with an unhurried approach of a seasoned player. For the listener, we are all but happy to relax with his overall intent of inclusivity.

Mr. Huron has chosen the trio format as a platform to communicate. Joe’s affable persona has gently propelled the trio forward; prompting an undercurrent of musical ideas and conversations. We are invited into a world of improvised expression and leave with an understanding of intimate collaboration. There are times when one believes that Tim Moore, drummer; or Stuart Steinhart, bass; know exactly where Huron is going -- not necessarily so. The level of listening and freedom between the three musicians keeps the music exciting with every subtle change of direction!.

The trio’s songbook is comprised of unique original compositions and older jazz standards such as ‘Solar’, ‘Body and soul’ and ‘Moore blues’.

Joe Huron was born in 1961, in the small town of Arnprior, Ontario. His father was a railman and given the nature of the work, periodically uprooted the family to different rural towns, residing close to the tracks. Joe’s youth was played out along side a landscape of scheduled movement and vibrational effect. At the age of 14, Joe began his musical path, thanks to an older brother. His brother’s eclectic record collection of rock, jazz and fusion inspired Joe to learn the guitar. A hand-me-down Gibson Acoustic was his first experience with a six string. With the support of a musical family, Joe continued throughout high school and got involved with local bands. At the age of 20, Joe enrolled in the jazz program at Malaspina College in Nanaimo, British Columbia. After graduating, he moved to Toronto to complete his studies at York University. Joe furthered his study of the jazz guitar with Canadian icon, Roy Patterson.
Playing gigs and festivals in the Toronto area, he once again was drawn to the west coast and played Expo ’86, Vancouver. The beauty of the west coast kept him there until 1990. Joe returned to Barrie, Ontario, married and decided to settle in the area.
Joe played in the Diana Wood Quartet from 1990 to 1998, performing at the Montreal Bistro in Toronto, the Barrie Jazz and blues festival, the Orillia Jazz Festival and various clubs in Ontario and Quebec.


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