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Humanist Advent Concept

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Origin: Laval, Québec

The most obscure musical entity ever, the arduous continuous steadfast advent of Peter Riden and those who joined his lyrical and musical journey is being brought forth to the many. The Concept of Humanism and all the open-minded presentation of genuine true freedom scope has been the repeated insistence through very sharp lyrics and backed up by very skilled yet very self-taught music delivery. Long time friends developing into great musicians, Robert C. Schwelb, Pier Heiken and Marc Ulus have been the main collaborators to Peter Riden's continued underground musical achievement and a followship that grew along with. From the early 1970's there has been many candidates who came and went but for a good part of the Invasion the 3 friends have been very much there up to the late 80's. Pier and Marc went their own way but we can still find Robert C. Schwelb as the ever present skillful keyboard player. Replacing Pier Heiken on drums, Peter's own oldest son, Heir to The Throne, Thaila who is a very all around skilled musician is backing up the 2 older friends when the need arises. When it comes to strings and voices, Peter Riden remains the one Machine Head. Robert sings his own way when it comes to his own written songs with a good assistance from Peter's occasional deep voice. Some of our dedicated supporters have landed a hand in the diffusion of *CONCEPT* 's music. Our friends from Long Hair have joined in re-issuing early recordings of *CONCEPT* on CD format.



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