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Hann, Paul

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Origin: London, England, 🇬🇧 - Edmonton, Alberta, 🇨🇦

Paul Hann was/is known as the Cockney Cowboy - originally from London, and went to Canada in the late 60's or early 70's. His first album was released in London 'A Fine White Thread' and his second, released in 1975 by Stony Plain Records (Edmonton) was 'Another Tumbleweed'. His music covers a wide range; country, folk, children's songs, and he has released 17 albums over his 40+ years in the music business.

Paul Hann was an Edmonton television personality who had a special talent for entertaining children. Clad in his trademark red peaked cap and red shoes, and working in a simple set with a fairytale house, Paul and his guests would each week entertain a group of grade three Edmonton schoolchildren with diverse activities such as songs, dances, skits, drawing and painting. The children were bused in from all over the city, and their field trip included a tour of the station and lunch provided by McDonalds.

The half-hour show started as a local series on CFRN-TV, and when the Network dropped that station’s very successful Story Time series for children, Paul Hann and Friends immediately took its place, and had an equally successful run. It was basically a one-man show, though there were frequent guests, and puppeteer Ronnie Burke was a semi-regular. Guests included cartoonist Lynn Johnston, Irish Rovers star Will Millar, Charlotte Diamond, Rick Scott and Norman Foote. Paul would sing two or three songs per show, usually involving the kids, and accompanied himself on the 12-string acoustic guitar.

After three years as a local show, Paul Hann and Friends joined the CTV network schedule in September 1985. It played on CTV on Saturday mornings at 8:30am (though some stations played it later), and held its place on the schedule for a very successful three years. The series was also picked up by YTV when it first went on the air.
-Pip Wedge, June, 2003

For over two decades, Paul Hann has charmed audiences on five continents with his warmth, sincerity and good humour. From early days back in "Jolly Old" in the church choir, Paul discovered his life's calling - singing his way into the hearts of people of all ages. Since moving to Canada from South London, he has established a wide-ranging career that has touched nearly every aspect of the entertainment business.

As a folk singer Paul has released six albums. His second recording, "Another Tumbleweed" was the first album to be released by Stony Plain Records back in l975. Paul has taken his one man Cockney Cowboy show to every corner of the country and beyond. His audiences are treated to his infectious sense of humour, his rich ballads, and his unique twelve-string guitar style.

As a successful singer-songwriter of children's music Paul has released seven albums. He starred in his own National Television Series for seven years and was twice nominated for a Juno Award. Paul's commitment to entertaining young audiences is reflected in his live performances where he mixes both traditional favourites with original songs, easily relating material that both parents and children can enjoy. His concerts abound with amusing anecdotes, quick one-liners and many opportunities for participation.

With a solid tradition for touring in all regions of Canada and beyond Paul Hann has earned a reputation for proficiency and dedication to his craft. Paul is proud of his professional standards and credits his cooperative attitude and ability to communicate with people of any age - on stage and off - with much of his success. As the reviews have indicated "audiences are delighted by Hann's performances" and no one could be more pleased than Paul himself - an entertainer who genuinely enjoys making people happy.



Paul hann 001

Hann, Paul


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