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Franklyn, Vic

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Origin: Aberdare, Wales - Toronto, Ontario

Vic Franklyn was a Canadian singer born in Aberdare, Wales. Famous for his TV show in the 1970's in Toronto, Canada, he is called the Canadian 'Frank Sinatra'.

Little of Vic's early years have been published, in fact there's now very little information on his career. However, even today, years after the height of his fame Vic is still loved and his recordings treasured.

Vic's voice was rich with tonal likeness to the 'Rat Pack' crooners headed by Frank Sinatra. He was often called the 'Canadian Sinatra'. This son of Wales, born (Lyn Evans) in Aberdare became an adopted son of Canada and his talent was included within the 'Canadian Talent Library Trust', a non-profit trust that produced a major series of recordings between 1962 and 1985 by Canadian artists and of Canadian compositions. This organization gained a huge boost in 1970 due to new regulations in Canada. This legislation was designed to promote Canadian performing arts. From here Vic's career was cast.



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