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Ford, Dwayne

Origin: Edmonton, Alberta

A talented Canadian artist…

Dwayne Ford was born in Edmonton, Alberta on October 7th, 1949 to American parents. Dwayne has dual nationality and regards that distinction as his most valuable. Dwayne Ford began his professional music career in the early ’70s working with the Nomads. His next group was formed with bassist Terry Danko, guitarists Jim Atkinson and Hugh Brockie, and drummer Brian Hilton. They simply called the collaboration Atkinson, Danko and Ford.

It was with the latter that Ford recorded for the first time. There were other groups over the years and some notable solo work. Along the way, Ford, a guitarist, singer, drummer, and keyboardist, also became a popular session player.

A Canadian native, Ford was raised in Edmonton. He was little more than a teenager when he hit the road as a musician, working in a band for Ronnie Hawkins. Ford polished his musical skills while performing at clubs and concerts around Canada.

Throughout the ’70s he recorded a number of albums, including Friends With Bearfoot, Passing Time, and a self-titled group effort titled. He finished out the decade and started a new one working solo on two albums, Another Way to Fly and Needless Freaking.

He also completed a number of solo singles, such as “Everlasting Love,” “Roll Me Away,” “Stranger in Paradise,” “Hurricane,” and “We’ll Find a Way.”

For the last 10 years Dwayne has been performing in and around Palm Springs, California. In June of 2000, Dwayne moved back to Edmonton, declared Alberta residency, and built a brand new recording facility with a view toward film scoring and music composition.



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