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Origin: Québec

Canadian outfit ECLIPSE was the creative vehicle of multi-instrumentalist and composer Pierre Gauthier, formed after his former band Aut'chose disbanded.

Their initial self-titled album in 1976 consisted partially of space rock inspired by Pink Floyd and partially more mainstream-oriented works with much less of a progressive attitude. A somewhat split production in terms of style, but one that had a lot of promise.

In 1977 Gauthier decided that his new band needed a makeover though, and he assembled a new cast of musicians to create an album trying to tap into the pop flavour of the day - disco. And the disco-tinged cover versions of tracks like Born to be Wild and You Really Got Me brought the band a great deal of attention, especially among US DJs. But while this second album attracted more attention the band dissolved just one year later, and Gauthier moved on to a new band project: Le Show.



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