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Origin: Toronto, Ontario

Formed 1983, as the Living End. First gig as The Dundrells was February 1984. Started with a surf, 60's pop sound but gradually got more into 60's punk and garage. At the end got a little more funky. Played everywhere in Toronto, but the Cabana Room at the Spadina Hotel was home base. Opened several times for The Chesterfield Kings, Fleshtones, Etc. Often gigged with The Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet. Best year was probably 1986 when we opened for The Replacements at the Concert Hall. One appearance on Toronto Rocks on CityTV in 1988 just before we stopped playing. Our last show was June 11, 1988 at the Rivoli.

Released an 11 song cassette tape, two 7" singles, and featured on at least three compilations. Lots of recordings, studio and live, unreleased. No videos.



“The Dundrells” (dun one) 1985 Cassette 11 songs
Garry Welsh – Vocals
Ashley Thomas – Guitars, Vocals
Richard Higham – Bass, Vocals
Terry Kelly – Drums, Vocals

Recorded July 1985
Produced and engineered by Peter Hudson at Friendly Pirate Studios in Mississauga.

“Green Christmas” promo cassette single 1987.
Written by the Dundrells. Produced and recorded by Peter Hudson, 1987. Same members as Sock It To Me single. Radio only.
Backed by a Shadowy Men On a Shadowy Planet medly of christmas songs and songs by The Who.


“Nothing On T.V. / Still, I Run…” (dun-two) 1986
Produced and Recorded by Peter Hudson, July 1986. Written by the Dundrells. Peter Hudson had joined the band at this point and is also playing this record. The rest of the line-up is the same as the cassette. 500-1000 copies.

“Sock It To Me / Black And Blue” (dun-three) 1987
(Title on front is “Kings of the Pan Flute”)
Produced and recorded by Peter Hudson, January 1987. Written by the Dundrells. Line-up is the same as the previous single with the addition of Andy Thorndyke on Sax. 500-750 copies..


“It Came From Canada Volume 2”
1986, Og 9 [LP] Og Music Box 182 Station F Montreal H3J2L1

SIDE ONE, Track 4: Mr. Nasty (Gosbee/Welsh)

“For No Apparent Reason” 1987.
Produced by X Records, 255 Derrydown Road, Downsview, Ontario,Canada. Compilation by Robert Marcuzzi and Gary Verrinder. Liner notes by Howard Druckman.

Side 2, Track 4: Hurt By Love (Spedding)

This cover of a Chris Spedding song was produced and recorded by Peter Hudson in 1987. Same line-up as Sock It To Me single. Unknown copies.

“Live In London”
Released in 1987 as a freebie with a copy of the fanzine What Wave. [Cassette, limited to 500 copies]

SIDE A, Track 6: Girl It's OK (Dundrells)


Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet “Savvy Show Stoppers” 1988
Glass Records [LP, UK only]
Re-released in 1990 by Cargo Records (CARCD09)
Produced by Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet and Coyote Shivers

Track 5: Malfunction (Dundrell)

Malfunction is the S-Men’s take on “Melinda” which is on the Dundrells 1985 cassette. They didn’t know who to credit the song to so they just put ‘Dundrell’. There is a single version of “Malfunction” as well credited to ‘Joe Dundrell’.



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