Down syndrome squared for mocm

Down Syndrome

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Origin: Edmonton, Alberta

We are not called DOWN SYNDROME because of a man named Down who founded the genetic disorder, if that were the case, we would be called DOWN’S SYNDROME. Rather, the meaning of our name is derived from the direct definitions of the words in reference to humanity’s condition.

“DOWN — to lower or worsen condition”

“SYNDROME — a group of signs and symptoms that occur together and characterize a particular abnormality.”

This, along with lyrics, itemized pressing info and costs for the record, and a peaceful/insightful anecdote by each band member is printed on the inner sleeve of this Edmonton-based hardcore punk band’s only vinyl output. Although Canadian, DOWN SYNDROME fits right in with the sound of many Euro hardcore bands of the era, combining melody, punchy drums, and anarcho-inspired lyrics. The mid-tempo tracks on this EP are great, but the faster songs really showcase the band’s power.

Bob Kropotkin
Jan Ek
Laurie Bulback
Sjor Lingjerde Throndson




Bob Tremblay of Down Syndrome, Spartens Men's Hall, Edm, 1984. photo courtesy Rose Kapp

Down syndrome squared for mocm

Down Syndrome


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