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Direct Action

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Origin: Toronto, Ontario

Direct Action were Toronto's version of a peace punk band. They were along the lines of Discharge except with more of a foot in hardcore sound. Direct Action were a four piece made up of Tim on vocals, Dave Cornelius on bass, Buzz on guitar, and Mike on drums. Some if not all of these guys were originally from St. Catherines and played in a band called the Unknowns. A song of the Unknowns called "Teenage Terrorist" appears on the "Only in Canada, eh? (1977-1981), Volume 1" and according to the folks at Punk History Canada tehre is more of that recording that remains unreleased. Anyway, they moved to Toronto and started up Direct Action who were a hardcore band through and through and this was the band's only official full length release. "Trapped in a World" was recorded at Comfort Sound in 1985 and was released on Irate faction Records, which was a label done by Geoff Tomlinson. Geoff used to be involved in Radio York and later would go to sing in a band called Brontocrushrock with at least one of the members of Direct Action.



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