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Da Slyme

Origin: St. John's, Newfoundland

"Da Slyme is a music project that began over two decades ago and involves just over 30 gigs, about 50 original songs, one double vinyl lp (1980), and now this brand new cd, The 20 Year Scam. For some reason people still remember it fondly and as something unique." - Stig Stilletto, bassist for Da Slyme

"Da Slyme is the best band in the world to play with a toilet on stage." - Anonymous fan

"Turn it down." - Stig's father

Da Slyme was billed as Newfoundland's first punk band.

Formed in 1977 at Memorial University as Tooloose and Da Slyme, the band played around St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, for a number of years until 1984, when work and travel commitments spread the members across the continent.

In 1980, Da Slyme released the first double album ever produced by a Newfoundland band, the first double album by a Canadian punk band (and perhaps the first double lp by any punk band). It featured all original music, including the classic reggae-punk anthem, Newfie Rastaman. The self-titled album was memorable for its packaging (or lack of it). After the records were pressed the band ran out of money to complete the project so it packaged the vinyl in remaindered album jackets from other artists (that it bought for $0.25 each), and spray painted Da Slyme over the front covers.

In 1989 Da Slyme returned for a memorable reunion, The Skeletons out of the Closet Tour in Newfoundland.

Now, in 1999, Da Slyme is back with new songs on its first cd, The 20 Year Scam.

Da Slyme is:

Dead Beat, drums
Goohaw Groon, keyboards
No Moniker, sax, bass
Roscoe Santiago, vocals, harmonica
Snotty Slyme, vocals, jawbone d'ass
Kirt Sic-o-via, lead guitar, bass
Stig Stilletto, bass, guitar

Pasquali Neutron, vocals
Pig Filthy, percussion
Stark Raving Mad, percussion



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