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Origin: Calgary, Alberta

In early 1979 The Cutz were formed out of the ashes of the infamous Calgary rock country group the Famous Brothers. Sally Milan and Sandy Switzer gathered bassist Al Wilson and drummer Lonnie James, second guitarist Don Payjack was added a little later. The Cutz were born.

The Cutz along with The Verdix, The Sturgeons, the Virgins, Hot Nasties, The Sandwiches, Downing St. Derelicts, Suburban Slag, The Unusuals, and Silicone injection, were part of a small handful of bands that made up the early punk scene in Calgary. The Cutz music has been described as a cross between X, Patti Smith , and Jefferson Airplane, combining the energy and emotion of the late 70’s punk ethic blended in with the musicality and idealism if the late 60’s creating a hybrid that was engaging yet rebellious at the same time.

Starting out like most other bands back in the day playing house parties, community halls and pretty much anywhere that would let them, The Cutz set list at first heavily influenced by choice 60’s covers evolved into more and more original songs and the result was they started to find their own sound. After playing everywhere they could for the better part of a year The Cutz saved up their money and went into Jonathon Sound in January of 1980 and recorded three original songs. In April of 1980 the Cutz released a 45 rpm record. Space in Time b/w Nuclear Hall of fame on Aura Records.

The band continued to play around Calgary as well as a few out of town gigs that would come their way. With other bands from the Calgary scene releasing records right around the same time (The Verdix, Hot Nasties, The Sturgeons) the little Calgary scene was starting to gather attention and build momentum. As odd as it sounds legendary blues and rock icon Long John Baldry saw the band play at a house party and expressed interest in taking the band into the studio to record. This is summertime 1980, with a record out, a loyal local following and an endorsement from a rock legend the Cutz seemed to be on their way. But by the end of 1980 exhaustion, internal struggles, and personality conflicts broke up the band.

The Cutz reformed once in 2007 to perform a few songs at a celebration of life gathering for close friend Mick” Memorex” Joy (Verdix) RIP.

Sally Milan: vocals
Sandy Switzer: guitar, vocals
Al Wilson: bass, vocals
Lonnie James: drums
Don Payjack: guitar, vocals



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