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Origin: Montréal, Québec

Formed in Montreal, Québec, in 1979 Cruiser was a supergroup of Canadian club veterans including ex-April Wine drummer Richie Henman. Afer an independent 7” called “On the Firing Line” in 1979, the band managed to gain some critical mass after releasing their debut album on Guy Rheaume’s Network Records called ‘Rollin’ With the Times’ and even received major label interest. Shortly after starting work on their follow-up album the band fell apart and split up, officially, in 1983. The second album, ‘Strange News’, eventually saw the light of day through Disques Reso in 2014; Cruiser also doubled under the pseudonym Ian Cognito, also on Network Records; Stevens would go on to play in Leyden Zar; Henman would later join See Spot Run; the Rathie Brothers formed The Sporting Life and released one album in the 1980s.
-Canpop Encyclopedia

Don Beauchamp: lead vocals, keyboards, percussion
Richie Henman: drums
Tom Rathie: bass, vocals
Walter Rathie: vocals, keyboards
Ed Stevens: guitars, vocals


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