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Cameron, Doug

Origin: Toronto, Ontario

Douglas John Cameron has been described as a modern day troubador. His songwriting and performing career spans almost four decades and is rooted deeply in the folk/blues/country tradition. In 1985 his tune " Mona With The Children" hit the top 20 in Canada and garnered a Juno nomination. Recently he has applied his songwriting and composing talents to the world of television and movies. Cameron is also an established children's entertainer who has written songs for top Canadian pre-school shows including "Ants In Your Pants", "Wee 3", and "Big and Small".

Soul Surfers: Adam Crossley, Danny Roth Louisiana Snowblowers: Sean O'Connor, Russ Boswell, Mike Churchill, Douglas John Joyce's Folly: Sean O'Connor, Jeff Cardey, Luke Mercier, Ben Grossman, Douglas John 3 Chord Johnny: David Macfarlane, John Macfarlane, David Hayes, Danny Greenspoon, David Wilson, Alison Gordon, David Wallen, Douglas John

Hank Williams, Buck Owens, The Band, Jackson Browne, Patti Page, Petula Clark, Max Mouse and The Gorillas, Eddy and The Selectones, Jim Gleason, Crosby Stills and Nash, Herb Hunt, David Piltch, John Howard Cameron, Allison Krouse (ouch), Led Zepplin, Doug Zepplin, The CeeDees, Dago Micadran, Charley McVay and The Lone Pine Boys, The Everly Brothers, Dorothy Swallow (ouch), Sylvia Margaret Cameron, Sean O'Connor.



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