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Logan Alexis Singers

Origin: Glenevis, Alberta, 🇨🇦

The Logan Alexis Singers is a roundance group made up of family members and protégés of the late Logan Alexis beloved father, respected elder and community member. From the time they were small, their father would sing and drum to entertain his family. He would even softly hum to the babies as they slowly fell asleep. He would always find a way to calm any situation or family crisis through drumming songs and telling stories the old days. There are many stories of how the family and children would grow tiresome from listening to the constant practice of his new songs. You can still see the worn mark on his headboard from the hours he spent lying in his room writing songs.

As the years passed the children got older and began to get involved with drugs and alcohol. In order to lead his family out of this harmful way of life Logan focused his time and effort to bringing them back to home to reality. He would spend time with each one alone hunting, fishing, building or even just over talking over a simple lunch. To his grandson he promised to give him his most prized possession, his drum if he stopped feeding his body drugs. To this day this young man keeps his end of the deal and stays as far as he can from drugs.

One by one the singers picked up the drum and joined in when late Logan would sing, soon they became brave enough to take the show on the road. At that point even a blizzard on the coldest day of winter couldn’t hold them back from attending a roundance hours away. Travelling with their father to roundance’s as far as Saskatchewan for the evening was so exhilarating that they would do it all over again the next day.



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