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Flash Jam

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Origin: Edmonton, Alberta, 🇨🇦

Five-piece pop outfit Flash Jam is one step closer to packing dance floors with its much-anticipated sophomore release. The Edmonton-based band is set to release a series of singles starting in spring 2012 from its Brite Nights recording sessions. This song-by-song release model is Flash Jam’s innovative response to the music industry’s evolving landscape. The Brite Nights sessions feature an array of songs, from uplifting party anthems with infectious hooks to lighters-in-the-air ballads with energy-infused melodies.

Flash Jam emerged into the music scene in 2009 with its self-titled EP featuring catchy pop single “Caught on the Dance floor,” which garnered independent radio play across western Canada. It didn’t take long for this attention to reach a broader audience. Flash Jam won numerous competitions early on, prompting a series of Canada-wide bookings. The band also opened for several major-label acts like Faber Drive, Stereos and Crash Karma. It took a break from touring in late 2011 to record with major-label producer Jeff Dalziel (Prozzak, B4-4, Ten Second Epic, Tupelo Honey, Alyssa Reid, Adriiana) in Toronto, Ont. Dalziel and Flash Jam hit it off instantly and after many long, caffeine-infused nights, the group perfected On Top of the World. An arsenal of talent, including songwriters Chris Meyer, Dane Hartsell, Rob James and Grammy Award winner Carl Utbult, assisted Flash Jam in the creative process.

Co-founders Jamie McLean (vocals) and Oliver Banjac (guitar, synth, back-up vocals) created the band with a common vision — they simply wanted to fulfill their passions while engaging a broad audience through its lyrics, melodies and live performance. With the likes of Stefan Candie (synth, vocals), Brody Krock (bass) and newly-added James O’Neill (drums), the band intends to continue doing just that with its newly-released tracks.



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