Black Cultured Pearl

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Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia, 🇨🇦

Pearl Hendrix Brown, born in 1923 and passing away in 1997 at the age of 74, found her eternal resting place at the Jimi Hendrix Memorial within The Hendrix Family Memorial Cemetery. Renowned not only as the aunt of the legendary Jimi Hendrix but also as the sister to Canada's First Lady of Jazz, Eleanor Collins was the proud mother of Vancouver recording artist and producer Henri Brown.

Immersed in the rich tapestry of blues, gospel, and jazz, Pearl Brown's artistic journey flourished in Vancouver, British Columbia. She distinguished herself as a soulful jazz singer and actress, initially making her mark in the late 1940s with notable performances, including the portrayal of Lena in a Vancouver rendition of "Raisin in the Sun."

However, it wasn't until her sixties, in the 1980s, that Pearl Brown stepped into the limelight as a jazz vocalist. Her style, influenced by luminaries such as Billie Holiday and Dinah Washington, enraptured audiences and critics alike.

The first album of her recordings entitled 'Pearl' was released when she was 73 years young in 1995.

Noteworthy collaborations included sharing the stage with trumpeter Wynton Marsalis during his visits to British Columbia, resulting in unforgettable performances.

Their partnership reached its pinnacle with the release of the album "Goin' Down Home" in 1996, produced by her son on his record label Rece Records. Later re-issued in 1999 by West Wind in Germany, the album featured predominantly live recordings, cementing the remarkable synergy between Brown and Marsalis.
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Black Cultured Pearl


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