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Websites:  https://citizenfreak.com/artists/104616-tzar
Origin: Orleans, Ontario, 🇨🇦

The band THE TEASERS and later TZAR has always been a family affair, made up of three brothers, Frank Tahan, the eldest founder/leader; middle brother John; and Peter the youngest along with a high school friend, Guy Morin, the drummer and multi-talented musician who also hails from Orleans, Ontario. The family home of the boy’s parents, Henri and Christiane Tahan out of Orleans, Ontario, Queenswood Heights, was home base for the band, it was also their rehearsal studio, a gathering area for fans and friends who would revolve through the open-door concept of a family home. Without this open-door style by Henri and Christiane Tahan, TZAR would not have existed.

The Tahan family, originally from Montreal moved to Hull, Quebec spending a few years there, then rooting in Orleans, Ontario, a french speaking suburb of Ottawa, in the mid 70's. A piano in the living room, a record player, guitars in the basement owned by Frank Tahan, household music was eclectic, from Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, Edith Piaf, Beatles, Elvis, Johnny Winter, Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, the RCA living room record player played everything. the boys would often setup their gear on the front lawn, getting their first exposure playing to crowds, friends, and neighbours.

It was in Orleans, Ontario that the first nuances of Tzar developed. The three brothers created their first band, Paul Andre Cyr a high school friend of Peter was actually the very first drummer, SLYCK, with a retro / rockabilly style and then THE TEASERS, a genre New Wave band. Initially the support musicians, bassists, and drummers constantly changed. In 1981 saw the arrival of multi talented Guy Morlin on drums, a Garneau friend of Peter Tahan. Bassist at the time was the cousin of the three brothers, the very talented Gilbert Rostand of Brossard/Montreal, Quebec who had moved in with The Tahan Family to be bassist in the band THE TEASERS. The first compositions, original material were born, New Wave at the time, the group performed in the Outaouais/Ottawa regions.

In early 1981 THE TEASERS, recorded a first promo demo tape at 10th Line Productions Studio on Amiens Street, Queenswood Heights, Orleans, Ontario, owned and operated by Bill Griffiths. The demo included original and cover material in the New Wave genre.

A first 45 was released, with their first indie hit 'Love Me Like You Did Last Night' b/w 'I Love You', recorded at Studio Marc in East Ottawa's Industrial Park. The band performed on local radio stations, local TV shows, a sell out show at the Bob Guertin arena in Hull, Quebec, opening shows for Harlequin at Ottawa and Carleton Universities in Ottawa - the seed is planted!

The following year, the band changed their name to Tzar.



Teasers squared for mocm



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