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Chernoff, Billy W.

Origin: Grand Forks, British Columbia, 🇨🇦

It was while clowning a rodeo in John Day, Oregon that Billy W. Chernoff entered a talent show and placed second. He decided to pursue a career in music and headed to Toronto, where he began playing in clubs.

Billy W. Chernoff is as real as the wide open spaces of the American west. His music could be described as "Asphalt Western", and the songs he writes today, are contemporary country and cross-over Gospel standards.

A native of Grand Forks, British Columbia, Billy draws from a rich background of experiences - grooming and exercising race horses, rough-necking in the Alberta oil fields, riding bareback horses, clowning and working barrel in Oregon and Nevada.

Billy is more than a studio musician/artist, and his music can adapt readily to a guitar-vocal around the campfire. He writes about rodeo cowboys, circuit-riding cowboy preachers, singing evangelists and songs about the human condition of love won and love lost. His music evokes images of our higher inner-selves, and can be like a cool calming breeze on a really hot day.

Sometimes the music business can take the music right out of an artist. But for Billy Chernoff, the music is an element so vital to who he is, that he continues to perform his art for the music's sake.

Billy W. Chernoff didn't bury his talent, nor did he make it dependent on money or business deals. His art is a true expression of the gift God gave him, and it only gets better as time and life weave their stories into the heart of the music.



Bwc 01

Chernoff, Billy W.


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