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Hogg, Steve

Origin: Brentwood, England- Hamilton, Ontario

Steve Hogg was born in Brentwood England… at a very young age and it was soon apparent that he was exceptional!!

After skipping public school to teach high school he joined the Rolling Stones, which he left 2 years later after a nasty breakup with Mick Jagger.

Subsequently producing The Beatles under the pseudonym “George Martin” he was asked to leave England in order to give other musicians a chance.

Upon arriving in Canada he not only took over conducting the Toronto Symphony but on many occasions played all of the instruments simultaneously!

He is now widely considered to be the best musician who ever lived plays every instrument known (his zubecki prowess is legendary) and is the only person to have been two Canandian Prime Ministers at the same time, President of MENSA and voted “Best Looking Person With A Head” in 2009 he currently plays ukelele and resides in Kitchener.

(This is what happens when we let the band members write their own bio’s )


Steve has been a long time member of the Lulu’s Band joining in 1986 and is a vital component in the musical arranging of the RHB.

His career began playing in the Hamilton area with successful local bands. He shared the stage with Michael in the recording act “Tranquility Base”. After a gold record, a NUMBER 1 hit, and numerous performances with the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra, Steve signed on with the Ian Thomas Band. Many albums – extensive touring- and a thorough knowledge of music have made Steve one of Canada’s premier bass players and a very sought after session musician.

Steve has penned and recorded several songs for various artists such as Beverly Mahood, Jamie Warren, and Ronnie Hawkins (Steve was Ronnie’s Music Director for a while). He has also performed short stints with Amy Sky, The Lisa Hart Band, Gowan and Ronnie Hawkins – recorded many national jingles and has recently gone on two world tours with Hong Kong based Superstars, one of them Jackie Cheung.

Steve is one of the few bassists that have mastered a unique ‘slap-bass’ technique and consistantly wows audiences with his performance of Paul Simon’s ‘Call Me Al’.



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Hogg, Steve


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