Snowden walters playing guitar squared

Walters, Snowden

Origin: Labrador City, Labrador

I am many things all bundled up into one: An artist, an author, a writer, a musician and a teller of tales to name a few (my friends no doubt have other descriptive terms that might apply)! In the past I have been a garbage collector, a ditch (and manure!) digger, a provincial park ranger, a downhill racer, ski bum and a Canadian Ski Instructor’s Alliance member. I've stocked beer coolers and grocery shelves, bussed tables, driven delivery trucks, shoveled iron ore, laid railway track and professionally am a Naval Architecture Technologist. I've worked with the Canadian and US Military in the design of naval vessels, done commercial marine design, offshore & subsea facilities and somehow I manage to hold down a day job (most of the time)!

My Multi Media artwork has been exhibited in several shows over the years, I've had some sales of water colour and acrylic paintings and still continued to provide illustration and cartoon work for publications such as the Downhome Life Magazine, a task I've undertaken since 1989 in one guise or another.

I welcome you to my website for Random Sound Studio. This site is a ‘live’ site and is regularly updated and monitored. New additional material is added as it becomes available. As it is, the site contains my blog, a collection of writings I've done, a large sample of illustrations and drawings, copies of my cartoon strip ‘Sculpin Tickle’ (a personal account of growing up in Labrador West during the 1960’s and 70’s) and, samples of musical recordings. I have participated in the RPM Challenge over the years, contributing 6 albums of original recordings under the band name ‘Alive Underground’.

I am now working on a second album due for release this year, to follow my first album, 'Migration Songs'.

My most valued relationships remain with friends and family.

Artist’s Statement

An ‘Artist’ can be defined as someone that takes stimuli from the physical world and merges it with the imagination in such a manner that the sum of the union becomes something entirely new and original. The nature of the media is inconsequential and the resulting ‘art’, as always is open to interpretation. An artist is compelled to create through action, to draw, to paint, to sing, to write, to play, to sculpt…to do.

There are no rules or boundaries to art. One is not necessarily limited to being a draughtsman, a photographer, a painter or writer or musician or any of those. An artist can be all or none; he or she must simply create, driven by the self, unable to do otherwise.

I am, and have been all my life, moved to draw. As a child, when other children were playing, I could be found with pencil in hand, reacting to the world around me, drawing my thoughts and feelings. As I aged my pencil broadened to become a toolbox of colours, pens, paints, brushes, canvas and such until even those were limiting. My interpretations of my world required me to explore the offerings of poetry & prose and of lyric & music. It is a path I’ve trod for all my life, ever curious, ever expanding. I cannot stop this momentum, nor would I care to.

Like every one of us, I am an Artist. My work speaks to the values I place on the environment I live in, the people in my life and the interactions of mind and body which move me in many ways. I am a conduit of interpretation.



Snowden walters playing guitar squared

Walters, Snowden


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