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Shaheed, Malik

Origin: Montréal, Québec

Malik Shaheed worked as a video jockey, producer and journalist at the Musique Plus television station, where he notably hosted the Hip-Hop capsule, which is very popular with young people. In 2006, he released a rap album called Franglais, on which he sings in English and French without making vulgar remarks. This album ranked among the best hip-hop sellers of the year. In 2007, the artist won the SOBA award for his contribution to the advancement of hip-hop in Quebec and Canada. He now runs his own event production company, Communications Versatility. Very involved in the community, Malik Shaheed has been a volunteer at the YMCA for several years. Working a lot with adolescents, he knows their needs well.

During his visits to schools, Malik Shaheed uses music to reach young people and send them positive messages, by helping them to create a song. The teachers have the freedom to choose the themes that the young people are already studying in class during the workshop (eg the book they are reading). If a teacher does not have a specific topic in mind, Malik will send discussion topics in advance so that students can prepare. The exercise also aims to make participants aware of the basics of work discipline, while allowing them to express themselves on the subjects covered. This activity is intended for all young people, but also for those with learning and motivation difficulties.


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