Claire ness

Ness, Clair

Origin: Yukon

Born, raised, and still hooked on living in the Yukon, Claire Ness makes a living in many areas of show biz - singer/songwriter, clown, vaudevillian, cabaret performer, actor, circus teacher, producer and director.

Claire is a prolific songwriter in both English and French. Her songs feature odes to 2-cycle oil, ballads of bad fishing buddies, meteorological metaphors, tunes from the trail, and bona fide Yukon love songs. Claire has released two music albums: "Jackfish Girl LIVE!" (September 2014) and "Hopeless Romantic" (April 2013). She is currently working on her third album with Bob Hamilton at Old Crow Recording in Whitehorse.

Some of the highlights of Claire's career so far include: singing her songs in living rooms across Saskatchewan and Alberta with Grant Simpson as part of the Homeroutes House Concert Series, playing Leading Lady in the The Frantic Follies Vaudeville revue, playing character MCs in Varietease: a Burlesque Cabaret, teaching circus camps in the Yukon and on the island of Antigua in the West Indies, opening for Christine Fellows at the Pivot Theatre Festival, creating and performing with the Lunacy Cabaret in Toronto, performing at various festivals across the country and beyond.

Claire is the Founder and Artistic Director of Yukon Circus Society.


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Claire ness

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