45 slivers   does it matter front


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Origin: Victoria, British Columbia

The Slivers formed in 1981 in Victoria B.C., Canada. They released just one single during their time together in 1981.

"Black Hole" is a fast-tempo melodic punk/mod rocker with velvet-smooth lead vocals from Yvonne Cabot, good backing vocals from Murry Pettinger and nice guitar work including a good solo, percolating bass, and good time-keeping from kathy Westwood.

"Look at Me" is a mid-tempo mod flavoured rocker with good lead vocals and bass guitar from Yvonne Cabot, nice guitar including another good solo and backing vocals from Murry Pettinger and Kathy Westwood does a good job keeping everything together on drums.

"Does it matter" is a fast-tempo melodic mod number with more good muscianship from the group, especially the nice guitar solo!

"People" is a fast-tempo mod-punk rocker with great vocals from Yvonne Cabot, nice distorted guitar solo, percolating bass and drums.

Yvonne Cabot: lead vocals, bass
Kathy Westwood: drums
Murray Pettinger: guitar, backing vocals

Produced by The Slivers
Engineered by George and Tony Moskell
Recorded July 1981, at Legacy Studios, Victoria, British Columbia

Photos by Yvonne Cabot and John Pettinger



45 slivers   does it matter front



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