Rocket Norton Band

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Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia

"Summer in the City" (Lovin' Spoonful) was recorded at Little Mountain Sound Studios in Vancouver, BC in May, 1977. The band released the single on their own KMB (Kiss My Baby) Records.

The single was produced by Bruce Fairbairn. Fairbairn had created Prism and produced all of their albums, except the very last one. He produced "Summer in the City" just after he had completed the recording of Prism's first self titled album and was just waiting for it to be released. "Summer in the City" was his first "paid" producing gig. He went on to be one of the most successful rock producers ever including Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Chicago, Yes and many others. He died suddenly in his sleep May, 1999 at 49 years of age.

Rocket Norton played in the same band for 40 years. He started "The Seeds of Time" at Winston Churchill High School in Vancouver in 1966. After 9 years of drugs, booze and sex, "The Seeds of Time" collapsed and then resurfaced with guitarist/vocalist Jerry Doucette as The Rocket Norton Band. When Jerry succumbed to "exhaustion" the RNB morphed into their re-shuffled lineup. The single, "Summer in the City" turned out to be quite a big hit in British Columbia in the summer of 1977. By the fall, Prism was ready to go but they needed a drummer. Rocket norton was the natural choice since The Seeds of Time's guitarist, Lindsay Mitchell and keyboardist, John Hall, were already in Prism. He joined just as the first album was released and together they hit the road to promote the album. He was the drummer from then until the end in 1982. He also carried on with Prism when it reformed in 1988 and continued playing with them until 1994.

The Rocket Norton Band after they shuffled the deck for the recording of this single was:
Rocket Norton: drums
Kenny McColl: lead Vocal
Rick Enns: bass & background vocals
Tim McHugh: organ, piano & synth
Roy Thompson: guitars

The original line-up consisted of:
Jerry Doucette: guitar, lead vocals
Rick Enns: bass, lead vocals
John "Bobby Pickle" Hall (Prism): keyboards, vocals
Rocket Norton (Prism): drums, leader

with notes from Rocket Norton and Robert Williston




Rocket Norton Band


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