McQueen, Ken

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Origin: Sooke, British Columbia - Duncan, British Columbia

Ken was born in a cold place in the U.S. He was immediately given to an underprivileged couple in Dogpound, Alberta. At about 15 years old, Ken started to work his way South. He hung around California, warmed up, learned to play guitar, started North, met the love of his life, moved to Sooke, B.C., wrote songs, among them, "Ticket To The Titanic" and "Application Blues". He moved to a mountain with the love of his life, lived there for 23 years, did music in a lot of different venus, came down the mountain to Duncan, B.C. where he lives now with the love of his life.

Ken said, "The motivation for 'Ticket To The Titanic' was just a severe reaction to the 'six and five' scheme brought in by the government of the day and 'Application Blues' was a very early tune and seems to be relevant even today".

The "Joint Effort" label was truly an effort of many people in Ken's life and a once in a lifetime hit.

I was the one that came up with the idea of the, "Beep". In many radio markets in B.C., station managers weren't inclined to give any air time to songs that had any 'blue' lyrics. The line coming into it reads, "...I'm gon'na lose my assets...and where I always set my "Beep"...I am down thee tube...got nothin; but a lot of bad gas. The "Beep" word is "ass". I really felt the word 'ass' would limit any air play and that by using a "Beep", I thought it could be a little hook.

Ken travelled around B.C. promoting the 45 at radio stations. Well, travelled around B.C as far as my gas card could take him.
-Al Khuhnun

I still write some tunes, but mostly I just sing for the love of my life and some friends. It seems like only yesterday I was trying to learn how to spell SEPTUAGENARIAN. Now I'm close to learning OCTOGENARIAN.

Works out though...maybe 'Songs For The Senior Set'...I have one-in-progress called, "I've got porridge in my whiskers but I ain't wearin' diapers yet...lil' Darlin'"
-Ken McQueen




McQueen, Ken


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