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Yukon Blonde

Origin: Kelowna, British Columbia

With several national tours and over 300 shows under their belts, (including performances alongside Ladyhawk, Black Mountain and Women), Alphababy packed their bags and moved from Kelowna to Vancouver.

Big changes lead to new beginnings - so the band changed:

Yukon Blonde signed with Toronto-based Nevado Records (Bahamas, Fox Jaws), parked the van and set out to write all new material. With deference to the best, the band took inspiration from 60's rock harmonies, thick yet simple hooks, and depression-era furniture upholstery. The resulting set of 14 songs, recorded in Vancouver with producer Shawn Cole (Bend Sinister, You Say Party! We Say Die!), has brought them being comparisons to Supertramp, Fleetwood Mac, Crosby/Stills/Nash, and America.

Four of these songs became "Everything In Everyway". Yukon Blonde's debut EP was released on Nevado Records in Canada and internationally (digital) October 2009, introducing the new band, the new songs and the new name with great results. Big changes sometimes lead to dissent - but this is not happening. The quality of the songs seems to be actually strengthening the band's relationship with long-time fans while bringing in a wave of new.

Old friends of long stretches of highway and sleeping on floors, the band set-out, in the fall of 09, for a 37-date tour across Canada including POP Montreal, Halifax POP Explosion and CMJ, picking up rave reviews along the way. The tour ended - almost two months later - with a triumphant return to their original home town of Kelowna on November 8th 2009.

The success of the EP, the tour, and the festivals attracted the attention of Bumstead Records (k.d. lang, Two Hours Traffic, The Trews) who is now set to release the remaining 10 songs as Yukon Blonde's self-titled debut LP on February 9th 2010 across North America. The band plans to tour extensively in the US and Canada in the months following the release.

Yukon Blonde is: Jeff Innes (Guitar, Vocals), Brandon Scott (Guitar, Vocals), Graham Jones (Drums, Vocals), Adam Newton (Bass).



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