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Animal Bodies

Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia

Animal Bodies hail from Vancouver, BC. To be more specific, an industrial area on the edge of Downtown Eastside that lends a heavy, nervous energy to the sounds produced by the duo. Influenced more by film soundtracks, found images, and newspaper clippings than any particular bands, Natasha and Sam employ a collection of synthesizers, drum machines, guitars and samplers to craft songs that smack of decades past but with a hard stare toward a bleak future.

On Kiss of the Fang, their forthcoming 12" EP on Sweating Tapes, Animal Bodies combine two recording sessions onto one slab of wax. One half was recorded with accomplished Vancouver artist/producer, Phil Western, under the famous Waldorf Hotel; the other, alone in a cabin a few hours out of town. The instrument tracks are layered with processed and reprocessed samples from their surroundings: trains, a woman smoking crack and singing outside Sam's building, seagulls, and Natasha's voice processed through synthesizers until it is unrecognizable. The result is a heady, danceable record with content, context, and unshakeable sense of creeping dread.


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