Bardic Form

Websites:  http://www.myspace.com/bardicform
Origin: Edmonton, Alberta

Charismatic and sincere. Spicy. First and foremost, Bardic Form is comprised of two friends that really love playing music. And their performance is something you won't want to miss.

Reece and Justin both grew up in central Alberta, which one would discover is not a natural origin or hotspot of traditional music beyond the singer-songwriter style. For Bardic Form, inspiration came from overseas. The music that they identify strongly with is the timeless and the traditional, with a heavy focus on instrumental expression to carry emotion and melody.

Both Justin and Reece draw inspiration from intense and exciting melodic riffs in folk and power metal, beautiful and lulling passages in classical and global music, as well as the inexplicable and untraceable expression that comes from playing an instrument. These elements become fused in what has been agreed to be a unique playing style and presentation.

Bardic Form craved more than a simple C, G, D chord progression, and instead sought to play with a passion and energy that drove them to their polyphonic sound. They were inspired by Celtic traditional tunes and sets, as well as Eastern European melodic and rhythmic flavours. Justin and Reece have assembled and recreated sets of traditional tunes from other artists, as well as their own arrangements, in which they incorporate the Celtic whistle (and soon the ocarina and mandolin). They have also incorporated percussive and rhythmic elements of flamenco style guitarists in order to add a deeper texture to their sound. They are continually pushing themselves to explore and deliver a sound to Western Canada that is beyond the major scale and 4/4 time.

They found that the expression of an instrument can contain so much more flexibility of interpretation and context, which allows them to get something a little different from each melody depending on how they feel. The majority of their music thus far is instrumental, however each of their compositions can be followed by their audiences once the process and context has been established. It allows everyone to take away something different and unique from their songs. It is this intimate and dynamic connection with music that they wish to share with their audiences.

More recently Bardic Form have begun to show the world their voice as well, and will continue to incorporate vocals and lyrics into their compositions, while keeping a strong melodic focus on their instruments.

Justin and Reece instantly realized that they could weave effortlessly into each other's music, and their complimentary playing styles came to them instinctively. Together they found common inspiration and aspiration, which fused them together as a dynamic and exciting duo that you will certainly remember.




Bardic Form


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