Pelletier, Clinton

Websites:  http://www.clintonpelletier.com/
Origin: Edmonton, Alberta

Just in his early twenties, Clint Pelletier's understanding and respect of the guitar far exceeds his age. He began to play at the age of eleven under the guidance of his dad, Freddie. Only three months after he started, his speed and dexterity were phenomenal.

A short time later he and Freddie produced a "Beginner Guitar" instruction video that was released independently and continues to sell well. They also recorded an album of guitar instrumental standards in 1999 appropriately entitled, "Like Father, Like Son".

In 1998 Clint traveled to Toronto to represent the superior guitar line, Fury Guitars at a guitar show and is now endorsed by them. He also snagged an endorsement with Elixir Strings, also a superior product.

Clint spent his high school years playing in a variety of local events and bands as well with family group "The Pelletiers" before enrolling in the music program at Grant McEwan College in Edmonton, Alberta in 2000. He continues to study music independently and has an admirable dedication to continue to improve.

After college Clint played guitar for Rounder Records fiddle and step-dance sensation, April Verch and then moved on to perform with famed world music fiddle group, "Barrage". He toured extensively throughout Canada and the United States with both acts gaining valuable experience in music and theater but chose to quit touring in order to continue his rigorous practice schedule. At home now in Edmonton, Alberta, his hectic pace continues as he has become a sought after free-lance guitarist in a variety of styles from jazz, rock and flamenco to country and bluegrass. He also is a popular instructor at various guitar and fiddle camps in Western Canada.

Clint continues to perform with Freddie and Sheila when he is able and has formed a group called "Pelletier Gervais" with fiddler, Daniel Gervais, upright bassist, Travis Switzer, and percussionist, Bob Fenske. They perform a gypsy-jazz show putting their own spin on the great jazz standards of the 1940s!

If Clint ever had a spare minute he used it up when he became interested in recording. He bought his own equipment and has become a terrific engineer-producer. His first project was his own debut solo CD "Naturally" and he has gone on to record more for himself and does projects for others.

The sky is the limit for a young virtuoso guitarist that has the drive and determination that Clint has displayed. Nothing but greatness can come from it all!




Pelletier, Clinton


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