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Murray, Dale

Origin: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Dale Murray is a Canadian singer-songwriter, producer and professional musician. Most recognized for his pedal steel abilities, Murray is also well–known an amazing guitar player and backup vocalist. He is a guitarist and vocalist for the indie rock band Cuff The Duke, and can often be seen backing bands like Hayden, Matt Mays, and Christina Martin. Dale was recently awarded the 2009 Music Nova Scotia award for “Producer of the Year” and "Musician of the Year". In the late 1990s Murray and Ruth Minnikin formed The Guthries. They released two albums, “Off Windmill” in 2000, and the self-titled “the guthries” in 2002. The band toured extensively throughout Canada and the UK. The band dissolved in 2003, and members each began pursuing solo projects; Dale released his first solo album, Brighter Lives, Darker Side, in 2005. In 2005, Murray, Nathan Lawr, Ryan Bishops, Ruth Minnikin and Kate Maki participated in two national concert tours, A Midautumn Night's Dream and A Midwinter Night's Dream, which were reportedly inspired by Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue. The five musicians also recorded limited edition albums for sale on each tour. In 2005, Murray was invited to become a member of Cuff the Duke, a role which he continues to fill. He has collaborated with many influential and well-known Canadian icons, such as Hayden, Buck 65, and Blue Rodeo.



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