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Origin: Waterloo, Ontario

Syre is a hard rock meral band from Waterloo, Ontario.

Syre exploded onto the Canadian music scene in 1986 and “never looked back! Comprised of Doug Weir (lead vocal), Jamie Constant (drums), Chip Gall (guitar), Rick Mead (guitar) and Chris Caron (bass), Syre took the Canadian club scene by storm with high energy in your face rock and an even more intense live show. The bands philosophy of partying hard and playing even harder gave the fans everything they were looking for in an explosive high energy rock show!

The bands popularity grew with every show and Syre soon became the must see show on the Canadian club circuit. In 1989 the band released its debut LP “It Aint Pretty Being Easy”on A&M Records in Canada, Redlight Records in the U.S. and Sony Records in Japan. The band toured relentlessly, playing over 250 shows a year on a consistent basis and the fans reveled in every minute of it. Syre always made it a point to involve the fans in every live show they played. Often wading through the crowd during performances and more often than not inviting the entire audience to the nightly after show festivities for a night cap.

The songs “Never Said Goodbye” and “Say Hi To My Girlfriend” charted in Canada as well as Europe and were released with music videos.

Syre was managed by WSMI (William Seip Management (Helix)), in particular Eric Guillespe. Syre had a large live following in most Canadian and some U.S cities and could boast of attendance records in many Canadian clubs.

There are many legendary stories out there of Syres’ off stage antics (that are not for the faint of heart), but the band wouldnt have it any other way. They lived and breathed the rockin roll life to the max! Syres’ follow up to their debut release was a compilation of demo songs that never saw the light of day on CD until Syre decided to take things into their own hands (as they were famous for) and released a self titled indie CD on their own Golden Garbage Can Records label. That release received critical acclaim and the original CD is still very much in demand to this day.

These days the boys are still playing hard after celebrating their 20th Year Anniversary with a sold-out live show appropriately titled “20 Years A Million Beers”. Doug, Rick and Jamie are wowing fans with their cover band 13th Hour (look for them to play your town soon!); Chip is embarking on a solo career and soon releasing his debut CD ”Me, Myself & You!” and Chris is busy helping his sons’ awesome band Arsoncityscape find their way through the music biz mind field. Syre is planning more live shows in the very near future and you never know.

As of 2017 the band maintains its original lineup and in recent years does live shows mostly for charities.

It Ain't Pretty Being Easy was re-issued by Demon Doll Records and Metal Legacy Records in 2016, and Pissed to the Gills was reissued in 2017.



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