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St. John, Wayne

Origin: Toronto, Ontario

WAYNE ST. JOHN was inducted into the Canadian Black Music Hall of Fame in 1982.

He shared A Clio Award (1985) for a national Pepsi Commercial performed by the children's band 'The Inner City Kids' that he formed and managed for six years. Wayne also performed with the 'Innercity Kids' at the historical first Children's World's Fair in New York City's Asphalt Green on June 29, 1985. A Museum in NYC has archived the events of that Day.

He Received two Juno nominations, (1985 & 1977) for his songs, 'Two Can Play' and for 'Fightin' on the Side of Love'.

Hairafter in 1971: Wayne formed Hairafter with four original member's of the Toronto Cast. Tiki Mercury-Clarke, Mary Ann McDonald, Linda Squires and Kid Carson: drummer. Hairafter had the longest running live act performing at Granny's in the Walker House Hotel, it was right across the street and to the west a bit from the Royal York Hotel. Gone are those days and the Buildings. When HAIR was over, Granny's was the only spot in town where people could see remnants of the Past Cast.

Agent Brian Rainey of Rain Drop Productions still remembers to this day "There were people lined up around the building and then some and it lasted almost a year". Wayne remembers... "Myself and the girls in the group, Mary Ann McDonald, Tiki Mercury-Clarke and Linda Squires, got to work with some of the best musician's around. For me it was an honor to have Sax player Doug Richardson in the group as he had worked with Rasand Roland Kirk, Sonny Rollins and other great players, and Dougie came with mentor like qualities and some fire in his playing and inspired me to take a listen to Leon Thomas the Jazz yodeler and what I've gleaned from that journey has been very fruitful indeed. The final achievement with Hairafter was a song the band and I co-wrote, called, 'Stand Up Baby'. Recently, Glen Bivins a New York DJ has encouraged me to re-release 'Stand Up Baby' because he feel's "it's one of those gems that missed the mainstream". Apparently it is an underground hit! It will be re-released on vinyl in the 45 RPM format in 2006, and here I thought 45's were dead". Apparently rare 45's are more popular then rare 33's. The fact is that DJ's will always want to work with vinyl and some fans and collectors will never get tired of the 45 format.

Listen to an excerpt of Wayne's 45 single from 1971, called Stand Up (Baby). Stand Up (Baby) is an underground hit an the small amount of used singles floating around go for $250.00 to $400.00 as seen on E-bay. Listen to an excerpt from a UK site, click on link.

The Musicians on the single: Wayne conceived and wrote the lyrics, sang lead and played Cungas. The late Gord Fleming arranged it and played Hammond B3, Gord played bass on left hand and foot combination. Joe Larmond on Drums. Terry Logan on Guitar. Doug Richardson on Tenor Sax. Demo Cates on Soprano Sax. Wayne Jackson on Trumpet and Linda Squires-Davies on BG Vox. Frank Davies/Strawberry Records.

Wayne won an AMPAC Award for a 'Womad' Harbourfront radio commercial. (Advertising Music Producers Association of Canada). He received a 'Heal L.A.' certificate for a song he wrote.

Performed the climactic high notes in the historic song 'Tears Are Not Enough'. Producer David Foster was inspired by Quincy Jones to put together fifty three of Canada's top singers and performers and produced a song that raised over three million dollars for the relief of desperate famine victims in Africa. It was included on the 'We Are the World' album. The making of 'Tears' the eighty three minute movie was a one time unique opportunity to have Canada's most notable's in the building together for nine hours.

Wayne has performed for many benefits including The Association in Defense of the Wrongly Convicted, Live Unity, Green peace, the United Way, Children's Miracle Network Telethon, St. Christopher House, Variety Club, Easter Seal Society, The Starlight Foundation, Sick Kids Telethon, the Toronto Metropolitan Police Community Affairs Events "Clean start" at the Dufferin Mall and the CNE Bandshell. Wayne donated his voice in perpetuity to a "Think Safe" TV Commercial sponsored by The Police Chiefs of Ontario.

Wayne performed with his Choir backing up Raffi at the United Nations Building, NYC at the twentieth Earth Day Celebrations in 1992. The special presentation was especially for the Astronauts while they watched the show from the space shuttle.

Wayne performed a song he wrote called, 'Body Mind and Spirit' at a live concert for the Dalai Lama's 1986 Canadian visit.

Wayne played the Pan flute with Ofra Harnoy on Cello for his song 'Body Mind and Spirit' just released on a compilation album to support the 'Food For Chiapas Campaign' the CD is called, 'Songs For Chiapas' (Riding The Back Of The Feathered Serpent) on Ra Records in stores now!

Performed in Mayibuy' i Africa' with his choir for Nelson Mandela's

Celebrated release from prison, aired April 29, 1990 on CITY TV's Much Music's Big Ticket. It was also Wayne's 20-year reunion working the on stage at the Royal Alexandra theater since his performance in HAIR the musical. When Nelson Mandela visited Toronto in 1990 Wayne once again performed live with his World Peace Choir at Queen's Park in his honor. Performing his own song, 'Vocal Magic' a song about how the almighty word can be very powerful and it was proven in the word of the people in Nelson Mandela's release!

Wayne & his choir performed 'Eye On The Prize' written in tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. during a Coretta Scot King (Lecture to 2000 children) in Toronto. Wayne & Coretta held hands and sang 'We Shall Overcome' at St. Paul's Church, Toronto. The event was covered by all major station's and newspapers as 15 or more camera's rolled but sadly there's was hardly a mention of the historic event and the important message Coretta Scot King had about eradicating racism in a nonviolent way, keeping Dr. King's Dream alive!

Wayne played Pan flute and sang lead with the World Peace Choir at the first 'Live Unity' concert series, a Tribute to Baha'u'lla' held at the old Massey Hall in Toronto. The 42 choir members also backed up Buffy Sainte Marie, Dan Seals & Sharon Lee Williams. The event was produced by Jack Lenz.

Wayne formed the World Peace Choir and composes many of the songs they perform. Wayne and the choir have performed on CBC TV Super Specials with Anne Murray, for ten years. He was assistant Choir Director and Talent Coordinator; he also did three tv shows for Rita Mc Neil and two shows for Michael Bolton on his Ontario tour.

Wayne sang two songs on the historical 'live' recording at Club Bluenote in Toronto in 1985, produced by Dominic Troiano.

As a casting agent for ADR which stands for: Automated Dialogue Replacement or (Looping) on films. Wayne has worked on one hundred and twenty-five films (series and features) over the years.

Over the past 30 years, Wayne's voice has been heard thousands of times in North America singing on some award winning jingles < click to listen !

Organized and performed a HAIR medley with some original cast members for Ed Mirvish's birthday party in 1995 & 96.

Wayne performed with the Domenic Troiano Band when they opened for Santana in Ottawa's Civic center.

Wayne Had a top 10 Canadian Chart Hit with THP Orchestra called 'Fightin' on the Side of Love', selling over 90,000 units on the RCA label.

Completed 52 half hour shows for Keith Hampshire's Music Machine, a half hour national CBC television series in the 70's.

Wayne Played alternate leads (Berger and Hud) in

HAIR at Toronto's Royal Alexandra Theater for its 14 month run from 1969-1971.



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